Employing a personal assistant can help you live independently and in a way that you choose.

This toolkit includes information that will be useful for anyone directly employing their own staff to provide care and support services, this might be through a direct payment, self-funding or other means. It will also be of use to people receiving a personal health budget (PHB), who employ a personal assistant.

There are many benefits of employing a personal assistant:

  • they work for you
  • you decide what you want them to do
  • you decide when you want them to work.

“I can choose who I employ and what times and days they work.”

When you employ a personal assistant, this means you become an employer and this can be daunting as there are lots of things to think about.

This toolkit will help you think about the responsibilities and legal obligations you will have as an employer. It will guide you through the process of recruiting a personal assistant and what to do when they are working for you. In each booklet there is also space for your own notes where you or your direct payments adviser (if you have one) can add relevant information.

If you are thinking about employing a personal assistant it might be a good idea to speak with someone who is already doing so.

Your local user-led, direct payment or other support organisation, local authority or clinical commissioning group (CCG) may be able to put you in touch with other people employing a personal assistant. These organisations also often offer information, advice, brokerage and training. To help you find support in your area go to

This toolkit also includes examples of templates that may be useful when advertising for, recruiting or managing a personal assistant. All of these templates are also available to download and edit from

An audio/visual DVD and EasyRead versions of this toolkit are available on request from Skills for Care. Please email marketing@skillsforcare.org.uk or call 0113 245 1716.
An online version of the employing personal assistants toolkit is available at